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I'll design the perfect closet for your awesome shoe collection, wardrobe, purses and accessories.

The biggest hurdle in getting organized is getting started. That's where we come in!   We'll work together help you achieve a functional, organized and maintainable space. 



Spatial design incorporates room layout, functionality and flow. We will work with you to enhance the use of your space, and create a design that promotes usability and harmony.


This bright yellow backdrop is the perfect compliment in the sunny garden chill room.

Selecting a new color for your home can be a daunting task. Together we will explore colors and select a palette that will compliment your style. 

Don't be afraid... it's just paint!


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Life is demanding. If you're feeling overwhelmed, things are piling up and you're stressed out, we get it! We are here to help. Our goal is to provide you with a customized solution that supports you, your lifestyle, and your family goals. We also promise confidentiality and work hard to gain your trust. 

Organizing... you set the pace!

Everyone works differently. We understand that! We will never toss or donate anything, [and I mean anything] without your approval. We work at your pace, and within your comfort zone. We'll work with you one on one, with your entire family, or you can leave it all to us to us, and we'll take care of you.

Space Design, Staging & Color

Sometimes a new perspective brings new ideas to a space that has remained unchanged for years. Adding a new piece of furniture, a new piece of art or changing the color of the walls by introducing a new paint color, can change the way your space feels. We will work collaboratively to find the perfect solution to create a new look in your space. We guarantee a new, improved and functional space.

About Us

Organizing, Space Design & Color


Organizing, Space Design and Color. These are the three core services we provide for our clients. We work with you to provide beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces. You may elect to request one or all three of these practices. By providing an onsite consultation, we explore the challenges and goals for your specific spaces, and work up a game plan to work within your budget.

No job is too small

If you just need help getting started, we can help. Kitchens, closets, bedrooms & garage spaces.

The hardest part of getting organized is getting started. That's where we come in. We can start with that drawer in your kitchen... you know the one. Together we'll tackle that drawer, the garage, kids play space,  pantry, closet or your home office. 

Colleen Donlon • Founder


Colleen launched Spatial Design Solutions in 2009. Her background in design and color brings creative solutions and beautifully executed organized spaces. Organizing has been her lifelong passion. Her loves include city life, gardening and four-legged friends. 


"I've never been happier."

"Colleen is amazing! This was my first ever foray into doing a little something different with my place... but Colleen's gentle and confident approach helped allay my fears and I've never been happier about my home."

Stephanie S. • San Francisco

"Colleen is Amazing!"

"She came in, took measurements of my closet, made notations of EVERYTHING I crammed into my previous space and designed a wonderful solution.  Now I've  got the closet of my dreams!"

Sarah H. • San Francisco

"I love interacting with Colleen."

She is efficient, hard working and thoughtful. I am impressed with her thinking about my 3 challenging closet spaces, and plan to work on an ongoing basis with her until my house is comfortable and organized!" 

Heather O. • San Francisco

"Best experience..."

"This was possibly the best experience we've had during our entire remodel of our house. Colleen immediately felt like a family friend and we entirely trust her judgement. She helped in every way and has brought the stress down in our house by about ten levels. I would recommend her to anyone!."

Alan H. • San Francisco

"Thank you, Colleen!"

"Colleen was very helpful in getting my home office in order. Her attention to detail and her understanding of work spaces really helped me get organized and stay organized! Thank you Colleen!"

Kimberly W. • Sunnyvale

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"We highly recommend her!"

Colleen came to our home for a closet consultation, but before she left we were talking designs for our entire apartment! She's extremely flexible, charming and a pleasure to work with. Her patience with us while choosing color, was fantastic. We had a great time working with her, and would recommend her highly to anyone with a design or organizational need." 

David & Nichja • El Cerrito

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